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Cross : Wake Up Call

With the new album the acclaimed Swedish progressive rock band delivers their most symphonic sounding work up to date. The guys are partly back to the somewhat heavier sound found on Secrets and Playgrounds with dashes of the softer approach on The Thrill of nothingness.

But there is also the fresh element to Wake Up Call with  multi layered string sections and a true symphonic feel in the overall soundscape. This is not totally new to Cross but this time they have pushed it a fore and merged deeper into their music than before. The core trio,  Hansi himself with Tomas and Lollo is intact. As usual there is a number of guests contributing. This time the most noticeable are Mats Bender of Introitus (keyboards), Jock Millgardh (lead and harmony vocals)

and Hannah Sundkvist (electric violin).

43 minutes of new Cross compositions and a 10 minute bonus track where the band performs their version of  Spektrum's ”Now”. The song was initially written for Cross back in 2001 but at the time the 9/11 incident forced them to postpone the recording of a new album and Hansi decided to donate it to Spektrum instead. But in the back of his mind he always wondered how it would have turned out, had it been recorded by Cross. So, here it is, the new album entitled Wake Up Call.


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