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Peter Gee : The Bible ( NEW 2018) Pre order

Release Date 30th April

“The Bible” is the first full blown concept album and the most ambitious work that Peter Gee has ever written, over a total of 69 minutes, and showcases the amazing             vocal talents of Josh Brown, Becky Brannigan and Hayley Oliver, with regular              Steve Christey (Jadis) on drums. The album also features the beautiful instrumental playing of Rhiannon Davies on violin and Daniel Bristow on trumpet.


Peter Gee says that this is an album that he has wanted to make for the whole of his life, and this project has now been realised, through the three key elements of: the music, produced by Peter Gee and Rob Aubrey (producer of Big Big Train and IQ), the wonderful narration by John Taylor, and the stunning cover illustration by Simon Williams (who painted the covers for “The Masquerade Overture,” “The Window Of Life” and “The World” albums by Pendragon).


Peter Gee once again displays a wonderful breadth of writing styles on “The Bible”, from the progressive “Revelation,” “The Kingdom Of God” and “The Prophets”           to rock anthems “The Fall” and “The Law”, from the haunting female vocal pieces

“Adam And Eve” and “The Gospel” to the acoustic “Samson And Delilah” and “Exodus,” from instrumentals “Jacob’s Ladder” and Walls Of Jericho,” to the groove based “Crossing The Sea” and “Spirit,” and yet the whole album has a wonderful power and unity to it. 


Peter Gee: Songs From The Heart ( 2 CD)

"Songs From The Heart" is a stunning double CD collection of 30 of Peter's best songs. "Songs From The Heart" spans over a twenty year period from 1993 to 2014 and features songs from all of Peter's 5 solo mainstream albums.


Peter Gee : Paris (2013 New Album)

"Paris" features some of the best solo songs that Peter Gee has ever written and boasts the vocal talents of Steve Thorne, Damian Wilson (Threshold) and Paul Wilson, with Steve Christey (Jadis) on drums.

Peter Gee displays a wonderful breadth of writing styles on "Paris", from the progressive "Summer Love" to the roc anthem "Rock n Roll", from the epic
"When Heaven Touches Earth" to the acoustic "Take Me Home" and from the love song and title track "Paris" t the groove based "Dancer" and "Soul Cry", and yet the whole album has a wonderful power and unity to it.

"Paris" is a truly stunning and uplifting album, with some sumptuous and soulful vocals, soaring guitar and piano melodies, and wonderful performances throughout.

If you like Pendragon's music, or if you just like good rock and pop songs with melody and emotion, then you will love this album! 


Pete Gee : East Of Eden

East Of Eden is Peter Gee's ( PENDRAGON ) brand new solo album, exclusively released to dealers in July 2011 through White Knight Records. It is Peter Gee's fourth solo album release and features stunning lead vocals from Damian Wilson (Threshold, Rick Wakeman) and Steve Thorne (Solo Artist, Jadis) and drums from Steve Christey (Jadis). This album is a good mixture of powerful rock songs, like "Arabia", which has echoes of Led Zeppelin and "The Ends Of The Earth",whichhas all the emotion of Camel – right through to some beautiful melodic songs like "Beautiful To Me" and"Andrea". ButEast Of Eden also offers some great groove tracks in "Falling Star" and "I Want Out" as well as six highly original and accomplished instrumental tracks which vary in style from the Mike Oldfield and Pink Floydesque "One Day We'll Meet Again" through to the choral beauty of "Hear Our Cry". All in all, this is a beautiful, powerful and highly melodic album with some great vocal and guitar performances on it. If you like good melodic songs and strong instrumental passages in the vein of Pendragon, Camel and Pink Floyd, then you must buy this album!


Pete Gee : Heart Of David

Pete Gee : A Vision Of Angels

Pete Gee :The Spiritual World

Pete Gee : The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man

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