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Glass Hammer : Ode To Echo (New 2014)

Track Listing: 1. Garden Of Hedon (6:57) / 2. Misantrog (10:00) / 3. Crowbone (7:22) / 4. I Am I (8:15) / 5. The Grey Hills (4:47) / 6. Porpoise Song (3:37) / 7. Panegyric (4:11) / 8. Ozymandias (8:12)

Review: “Ode To Echo” represents the most powerful ensemble of Glass Hammer members ever assembled on one recording. Featuring co-founders Steve Babb and Fred Schendel joined by guitarist Kamran Shikoh, drummer Aaron Raulston, vocalist Jon Davison and fan-favorites Carl Groves and Susie Bogdanowicz. The fourteenth studio album by America’s top-prog group also features cameo performances by past GH members Walter Moore and Michelle Young with cameos by Randy Jackson of Zebra, Rob Reed of Magenta and David Ragsdale of Kansas. Artwork by Michal Xaay Loranc, mastered by Bob Katz of Digital Domain, “Ode To Echo” is the highly anticipated studio album by prog-legends Glass Hammer. 


Glass Hammer : The Inconsolable Secret (3 Disc)

Considered by many to be Glass Hammer's definitive album, The Inconsolabe Secret is back in print at long last. Copies of the original have been selling for $300.00 and up on ebay and are considered extremely rare.

Sound Resources is bringing back the two original discs in a Deluxe Edition which features a third "Remix Disc" with performances by Jon Davison (YES / Glass Hammer), Alan Shikoh, David Wallimann and other names well known to Glass Hammer fans.

Remixed by Fred Schendel and Steve Babb, mastered by Bob Katz of Digital Domain and art and design the legendary Roger Dean, the Deluxe Edition is a must for any fan of modern progressive rock 


Glass Hammer : Perilous

Glass Hammer : Cor Cordium

Cor Cordium is Glass Hammer's 2011 follow up to last year's highly accliamed IF, an album which found its place in numerous Top 10 and Best of 2011 lists throughout the prog world.


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