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Mixing influences from Dream Theatre, Frost* and Porcupine Tree with the more commercial bands as Muse, Jellyfish and Queen. This album really is progressive and accessible. 

Hailing from Sweden, FreddeGredde, initially rose to prominence in the early days of viral video revolution where his great musicianship gained attention on you tube and generated millions of views on some of his most popular videos. Larsson's YouTube channel quickly became the number one subscribed channel in Sweden.

It took almost two years for Larsson to execute his debut album, but it's clear that the time was well spent since "Thirteen Eight" is one of those rare debuts that only comes once or twice every decade. Not only has the artist managed to make a clear statement of intent but there is also a clear tendency towards fusing the worlds of rock and pop music. The material shows a versatile approach which, in return, has potential of appealing just as much to fans of rock music as to the a casual listener.


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